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List of replacements being done in the 1990s.

Area Description Dimension
mm, m2 or (l*b*h)
Material Generally pitch pine on oak -
Scantlings & construction procedure    
  Keel Cast iron (uncertain if it's hollow with cement) 4500*300*400 mm
  Keel plank Oak - replaced in 1993 (pic) 4000*250*50 mm
  Keel bolts Stainless Steel. Replaced in mid 1990s (pic)  
  Stem Oak. Original - it shows but is not any major concern  (pic)(pic) -
  Sternpost Oak. (pic)  
  Planking Pine. 24 mm
  Floors Oak floors re-enforced with stainless steel (pic) reacing up to the 3rd planking from garboard. Through bolted with 10 mm stainless steel bolts  
  Frames Oak. Steambend frames (pic). 630 mm distance 60*80 mm
  Intermediate bent frames Oak. Steambend, two intermediate (pic)(pic) 45*20 mm
  Beams Oak. (pic). 400 mm distance 60*80 mm
  Beam shelf Oak. Multiple.  
  Beam clamp    
  Bilge stringers    
  Deck planking Larch on elm. Very solid build. Deck originally tongue-and-groove strakes with canvas which is also why Aage has strong deckframes and solid mast partners (pic). At some time in the 70ties a teak deck was laid on top of the original deck. Nice looking but a nightmare to keep watertight.  
  Coach roof Oak. (pic).Recently painted white on the inside.  40 mm
  Mast partner Spans three deck beams (pic) 750*350*45 mm
  Mast step Oak. Very solid (pic). The mast rests solidly on the forefoot-to-keel joint (pic) and on (only) two floors 1110*250*100 mm
  Mast Sitka Spruce. Hollow - glued by four parts in a quadrant. Tapered but not excessively so (pic) Top 100 mm
Middle 160*140 mm
Step 120*120 mm
  Spreaders 2 spreaders (1100 mm and 800 mm, respectively).  
  Wire Stainless Steel, 1*19 7 mm
  Chainplates Stainless Steel - mounted outside of hull. Connected to one full sized frame and two half sized frame (pic from inside) through deck stringer. Three bolts in each. 5 mm plate

10 mm bolts

  Tangs 2-3 mm stainless steel (lower, medium, top)  
  Halyard, main & jib Two MERRIMAN winches (pic), wires for main and genoa. 4-5 mm wires
Engine Petrol 14 horsepower. "Marstaller" built in Denmark in 1967 (pic)  
  Main 7 oz. Roller reefing. 34 m2
  Genoa 1 7 oz - 'flying' from a traveller ring on the bowsprit. In less than 10 knots (5 m/s) 24 m2
  Genoa 2 7 oz - 'flying' from a traveller ring on the bowsprit. In less than 20 knots (10 m/s) 17 m2
  Genoa 3 7 oz - 'flying' from a traveller ring on the bowsprit. In less than 30 knots (15 m/s) 10 m2
  Stay sail 6 oz 10 m2