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1. Aage is by most counts a sound boat. This, however, can not be attributed to the present owners - all just a bunch of 'jack of trades and masters of none.' Certainly none of us are skilled in any profession even remotely related to that fine art of classic boat construction (well, one exception, really). We constantly learn new things about wooden boats - but newer enough. Most of what you can read here, we have learned from the 'wooden boat web community' and from numerous books on the subject. Many boating terms and expressions bear different meanings depending on whether you're US or British based. We probably mix things inexcusably - but we're just no more clever than that.

2. Even though the Aage organisation comprises of three engineers (of which two work with IT on a daily basis) and one economist, it is the latter who is responsible for this web site. We guess you can tell by the lack of smart gimmicks, ugly design, etc. We will improve design (within a 3 year horizon). But then again, it is all about content, isn't it?

3. Pictures tell a thousand word, they say. Well, our pictures don't. But we will also improve our photo skills. When we took the pictures, we just never imagined that the whole world (or part of, at least) would watch. Come to think of it, perhaps password protected areas will emerge.