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Aage - Copenhagen 2001

Aage was commissioned and delivered in 1912. At that time pleasure/leisure/cruising sail sport was still in its infancy, which is easily seen from Aage's construction lines. The lines reflect a successful attempt to construct a leisure craft based on the utility crafts which were prevalent at that time. These crafts had well proven sailing abilities (like for example the Danish Kragejolle or the Norwegian Lodsskøyte). Aage resembles Colin Archer's famous 'redningsskøyte' (they still build these Colin Archers - e.g. this fine Aage look-alike build at Risør, Norway)

The combination of a solidly built boat and safe and fine sailing abilities (the latter a prerequisite for having the owners bother to do all the hard maintenance work) have made it possible for Aage to celebrate his 90th birthday. In our opinion, Aage represents the first small step towards what later became a very large class-boat - the Danish Spidsgattere (see armada of Spidsgattere around 1940).

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