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Thomas (left) - looking anxiously at the waves

Thomas is co-founder of the organisation and the web editor. He has extensive sailing experience and holds all relevant training certificates. Starting in 1976 with Jens Krogh he has by then sailed in a variety of different ships - both wooden and plastic ones. He has been cruising to Portugal, Northern part of Norway, and to Russia with Skibladner II. Set sail with Skibladner II.
Despite this - or because of this - he fancies more than anything else
to drop the anchor in one of the thousands of sheltered waters in Denmark. Responsible for arranging the annual 210 nautical miles Sjślland Rundt Race (Aage finished the 2002 race in respectable 41 hours).

Thomas is renown for being constantly worried. Thomas says that he is just being vigilant - and that things usually do break...